Pet Foods

pet-foodsSteve and Donna Bones run a pet food stall in the Upper Market alongside Betfred.

Where are you from?

How long have you been at Fakenham Market?
About 15 years.

What are your opening times here?
6.15am – 2pm

What other markets do you attend?
Wymondham Friday Market.

What led you to running this stall?
We love animals and we used to have a shop, and then went on to sell at carboot sales and then markets.

What do you like about coming to Fakenham Market?
We enjoy meeting different people, chatting to regular customers and having a friendly banter with the other traders. Fakenham Market is really good and we would encourage people to support it and shop here as it is not as busy now as in years gone by.

What are your best selling items?
It’s very seasonal: in winter we sell a lot of wild bird food – nuts and seeds, and in summer dog treats are very popular such as markies, pigs ears and Gravy Bones.

Interview by Dawn Wakefield