Cut-price Household Goods & Toiletries

household-goods-toiletriesSteven runs his Cut-price Toiletries stall in the Market Place, close to the War Memorial.

Where are you from?
Kings Lynn.

How long have you been at Fakenham Market?
14 years.

What are your opening times here?
6.30am – 3pm.

What other markets do you attend?

What led you to running this stall?
First of all I worked as a Saturday boy on the markets, and I really like the life, so have done it all my life!

What do you like about coming to Fakenham Market?
It’s a nice place. I enjoy the banter and the friends you make with regular customers. Shopping is changing now, with the internet – there are lots of people here but not spending as much as they used to. The Town Council here is very supportive of the market, more so than in many places, which we are grateful for.

What do you sell ?
Lots of household goods, toiletries, smoking accessories: lighters and matches, a range of everyday essentials all at discount prices.

Interview by Dawn Wakefield